10/27/10 – The Lineup

A very timely email arrived in my inbox today, only a couple hours before the rather disheartening first pitch of the 2010 World Series. From the desk of the Phillies Phantasy Camp folks came a message officially counting down the days until camp in January. A great pick-me-up for my fellow campgoers and Phillies fans.  On the left side of the message was an alphabetical listing of the last names of all the former Phillies players who will be in attendance. I cannot believe I will be spending five days fraternizing with all of these gentlemen.

Larry Andersen
Bob Boone
Ricky Bottalico
Warren Brusstar
Marty Bystrom
Mariano Duncan
Jim Eisenreich
Tyler Green
Tommy Greene
Terry Harmon
Dave Hollins
Ricky Jordan
John Kruk
Mike Lieberthal
Greg Luzinski
Mickey Morandini
Keith Moreland
Dickie Noles
Juan Samuel
Kevin Stocker
Von Hayes
Mitch Williams

Eleven players from the 1993 NL East Championship team. Six players from the 1980 World Championship team. Two of the greatest catchers ever to don a Phillies uniform. One no-hitter. Over 35 years of Phillies history. Wow.

I have such distinct memories of every single one of these players….

My Juan Samuel and Von Hayes Starting Lineup action figures.

My “Fan Photo Day” pictures of Ricky Jordan and John Kruk… his very first day in a Phillies uniform.

Coming home from school and catching the last couple innings of Tommy Greene’s no-hitter against the Montreal Expos.

For the players I was quite too young to remember, I had my baseball cards and stories from my dad to fuel my imagination.

But the one player I am very excited to meet is Mr. Jim Eisenreich. One of my all-time favorite anecdotes about my father involves good ol’ Eisey from back during the 1993 season.

That one I will save for camp.

As I finish typing this, the San Francisco Giants defeated the Texas Rangers in Game One of the World Series. All of a sudden, that particular bitter taste has gone away. 

Phillies, you know how to make a guy feel so much better.


Bryan, when you come back I want an autographed Bryan Sargent baseball card! (I think that’s part of the package–you get actual baseball cards made up with your picture and stats!)

Have a great time–I know two friends who went to the Mets Fantasy Camp and they NEVER stop talking about how great it was. One of my very good friends, Rick Bloom said that when he arrived the first thing he spotted was a locker in the Mets clubhouse with his name on it. He opened it up and said when he saw two beautiful, brand-new complete honest-to-God MLB baseball uniforms with the name BLOOM on the back all his ten year old boy dreams were fulfilled–and his knees buckled from the awesomeness.

Can’t wait to read all about it when you come back!! Have fun! : )

An ex-co-worker of mine had gone to the Mets camp a couple years ago and basically said exactly the same thing as your friend. He was like a little kid explaining everything to me. Like your friend, he said the best part was seeing his uniform for the first time. I’m quite sure that may be mine as well. Next week is the official orientation where they will be fitting me for my uniform and taking pictures for their media guide. I can tell you right now what my stats will say on my card. It’ll be right out of Bad News Bears… 24 errors, 17 foul balls and almost made it to first base twice.

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