11/15/10 – Ryno

The Phillies have kept the retro train rolling this week. Today, another famed second baseman from the ’80’s has been hired to coach in the Phillies organization. Hall-of-Famer Ryne Sandberg, the most famous second baseman to only play 13 games, has been tabbed to run the ship for the AAA Lehigh Valley IronPigs. Sandberg has proven himself to be a very successful coach at the minor league level for the Chicago Cubs, so this looks to be a wonderful addition… and reunion. As any fan of baseball is well aware of, Ryno was involved in one the most lopsided trades in history. The Phillies and Cubs swapped longtime shortstops in Larry Bowa and Ivan de Jesus. Because of the age disparity, the Cubs requested another player and the Phillies “threw in” Sandberg. De Jesus was a bust and Sandberg went on to become one of the greatest second basemen and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005. *sigh*

Better late than never, even if it’s been 30 years. Welcome back Ryno!


Tomorrow the National League Cy Young Award is being given out. 

Tomorrow night is also my Orientation for Phantasy Camp.

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a really good day.


Congratulations to Ryno on landing the job at Triple-A in the Phillies farm system. He will do a great job. He won the Pacific Coast League Manager Of The Year Award last season at Iowa and has done a great job developing young talent. It is a shame that the Cubs snubbed him the way they did. It was nothing against Sandberg, although I know he was bitterly disappointed at not getting promoted to the majors. Good luck to him on his quest. He will succeed at every goal he sets his mind to. He’s that kind of guy. I’m glad to see the Phillies share my confidence in him.

That’s why I’m a bit surprised the Cubs didn’t give him a chance to at least be a bench coach, groom him to possibly be manager, etc. What a helluva job he’s been doing for your farm system. When you see that kind of success at that level in AAA, that means you’ve something good. If he does a similar job for the Phillies, I’d love to see him be Charlie’s successor. I’m a lifelong Phillies fan, but he was definitely one of my favorite non-Phils growing up. I think the Phillies just wanted to make up for trading him in the first place ; )
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