12/6/10 – This Day in Legend History… Dave Hollins, Bob Boone, and Mike Lieberthal

Still hungover from the weekend off-season activity binge, I forgot to include my “This Day In…” for last Saturday…

On December 4, 1989, the Phillies drafted third baseman Dave Hollins in the Rule 5 draft from the San Diego Padres. Hollins’ first two years were spent as a bench player, backing up Chalie Hayes who manned the hot corner. In 1992, the position became his and he did not disappoint. He had a monster breakout season hitting .270 with 27 home runs and 93 RBI’s. He continued in 1993, helping lead the team to the World Series. He was a perfect match for the Phillies and the fans: gritty and hard-nosed. Just the way we like ’em.

December 6th saw the official departure of two long time and well-loved catchers to Southern California…25 years apart. In 1981, Bob Boone was purchased by the then, California Angels. In 2006, Mike Lieberthal signed as a free agent with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Both had been born in Southern California, so these were seen as homecomings for the both of them. Boone earned five more Gold Gloves and an All-Star appearance with the Angels, and later with the Kansas City Royals, where he eventually retired in 1990.

Plagued by injuries, Lieby played only 38 more games for the team he grew up rooting for. He signed a one-day contract with the Phillies in 2008, and retired. He played with the club from ’94 to ’06, which means during his tenure with the club, he was a “day late and a dollar short” when it came to playoff appearances… debuted a year late, left a year early…

This will be Lieberthal’s first year as a Legend for Phantasy Camp and I couldn’t be any more thrilled for the chance to not only meet him, but to play alongside one of the other greatest Phillies catchers in Boone.

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