1/5/11 – Phantasy Camp as an “investment”

It is now exactly two weeks until Phillies Phantasy Camp. As my wife has jokingly said, “you really need to start getting more excited about this”.

Throughout the course of this diary (from this site, my personal website or Crossing Broad), I have received many wonderful comments and emails from folks who have participated before or are also joining me down in Florida. All of whom have been nothing but positive and reassuring about the incredible time I will have. The other day, I received a comment on my personal site from a man named Gene. Gene, as it turns out, was the man I first met in the elevator the night of the Orientation. His wife, Marie, who found my website, had told him about my diary and was thrilled to read all about my personal experience. 

Last night, Marie sent me an email that blew me away and made me truly understand why I started this diary in the first place. She told me how she gave the Camp to her husband for a Father’s Day gift, and since then he’s had an extra bounce to his step and has claimed it has added years to his life… and he hasn’t even stepped on to the field. She absolutely enjoys watching how excited her husband is, just like my wife. Then she added, “I thought it was just a gift, but it has become an investment”. That right there completely summed it up for me. This Camp experience goes beyond just playing baseball with some ex-Phillies. As corny as it may sound, this is all about making your dreams come true. It makes me so happy to hear a story like this and to know what other people are feeling. I know I’ll be hearing this tale repeated over and over in two weeks. It will never get old.

Another interesting and flattering tidbit that Marie shared with me was that she printed out my entire blog. It now sits in a three-ring binder on the couple’s night stand. Again, this is exactly why I wanted to do this blog. I wanted people to get excited about this Camp and to understand why this means so much to me. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Hopefully, my story will reach many people’s night stands…

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