The Ring Goes *BLING*

Today I received an email from a wonderful guy who I met at Phantasy Camp last January. Him and his brother, who were also first-time campers, played on the championship-winning Red Barons team, coached by Legends Juan Samuel and Ricky Jordan. 

He was finally given his ring:
That’s it. I am NOT going down next year for fun. I will be ALL business. 
I want this ring.
So to all my fellow, returning Drillers… we take no prisoners.


Wow! They really give you one of those rings!?! That’s rad!

Congrats on the continued success of your blog. Keep it up, and Go Phillies!

They do! They also give a a bunch of other awards (Cy Young, batting champion, etc.), but the actual championship ring is the best. Next year, my goal is to get one of these… even if that means mugging another camper ; )

Good luck! That’s really awesome. I look forward to reading about you getting yours.

I’m over thirty and this camp is totally on my bucket list. Being newly married it’s not really in the cards. I can’t imagine an expenditure like this would go over well with the wife. 🙂

Thanks! Well, I cannot recommend the camp enough. I say, the sooner you can get down, the better. Thanks again, and all the best with your fantastic blog.

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