New Phillies Phantasy Camp Video: “A Winning Tradition at Phillies Phantasy Camp”

There were a couple father-son combos at Phantasy Camp last January. This video highlights one of them.

All of the people that get to attend Phantasy Camp are truly very lucky individuals. These particular guys had the best luck of all.

Playing baseball, or even just having a simple catch with someone, is pure joy. But doing that with your father? Indescribable.


You write a great blog, Bryan. Thanks for the linking to our story. As I said to a friend recently, this is probably the best video yet capturing the experience my Dad and I had at Phillies Phantasy Camp earlier this year. I’m not sure if we owe the Phillies something extra for all of the amazing coverage, or if they owe us a return trip for all of the free testimonials, either way, I feel extraordinarily lucky to have this awesome keepsake! They also featured “our story” on an episode of Behind the Pinstripes. You can check it out here: I also posted a brief photo montage of our week using photos they took of us during camp:

All the best to you. Go Phils!

Chris Wright #34

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