Final Thoughts Before Phantasy Camp: Redux

Last year on this date, I gave my last words before heading down to Phillies Phantasy Camp for the very first time. Please, indulge me as I do it again.

The Phantasy Camp experience for me last January was more than just a chance for me to look silly in a real MLB uniform and play baseball with former Phillies players. It was a form of therapy. It was a tribute. And it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Tomorrow, I’m traveling to Florida as a seasoned vet. This time, I pretty much know what to expect. And I could not be happier about it.

Unfortunately, I may not get that same exact sense of awe that washed over me on that morning when I first saw that Phillies jersey with “Sargent 31”, but others will. I may not achieve that same high playing on the pristine grounds of Bright House Field, but others will. I will not get starstruck hanging out with players whom I watched on the TV and listened to on the radio growing up, but others will… and I am really excited for those folks!

I’ve had a lot of people who are going to camp for the first time, write me with every question conceivable over the last several months. They all have that same child-like anticipation that I had last year. And like a parent with his children on Christmas morning, I think I was more thrilled to talk about the Camp than they were. Just like my dad who always put himself second, I will be just as enthusiastic for the newcomers (and my returning friends) as I will for myself.

This is a truly special experience. That is what it’s all about.

Now, take us out Killer!

*Like last year, I will not be ‘live blogging’ from Camp, but I will be putting up daily recaps starting next Monday 1/23. The urge may come over me to send out a Tweet here and there, so if you happen to do that sort of thing, why don’t you follow me @BTSargent?*

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