2012 Home Opener Tickets

They have arrived. I’m extremely excited. Just like last year’s home opener, I will be sitting with fellow Phantasy Campers and enjoying an after-game reception in the Diamond Club at Citizens Bank Park. This will be the first of two reunions for us Campers. The next will be in late August where once again, I will be introduced on the field before the game (in addition to a little batting practice… which may not happen since I may pass out from pure excitement… or embarrassment).

Just like this year’s Phantasy Camp, I’m hoping there will be much better weather. Based on what the Northeast is experiencing right now, it should be glorious.

Phillies 2012 home opener tickets


Oh baby. Now THAT is a ticket. How hard was it to get your hands on it? Also, how hard is it to get tickets during the season in general? I might go down for a few games if they’re relatively easy to get with a little pre-planning.

I got them through Phantasy Camp. We get our own section, usually in the upper atmosphere of Citizens Bank Park, but we then have a little get together afterwards in the Diamond Club (directly behind home plate).
I don’t get to too many games since I’m in NYC. I go and see them when they come and play the Mets. They sell out every game at CBP, but I think if you go the StubHub route, you’d have no problem. I was able to get amazing tickets to two playoff games in 2010 through SH for not much more than face value.

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