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Vote for The Transplanted Phan!

Gerald Ford throws out the first ball at the 1976 All-Star Game.

My brother blog, The Transplanted Phan, has made the The Phield. For two years, The Phield has set up an NCAA basketball-style bracket with Phillies blogs going head-to-head. You, the reader, vote.

I’m hoping to play the role of the Richmond Spiders in 1991, taking the 15 seed, and upset the number 2 seed, Phuture Phillies. So I’m asking all the readers of this blog to write in to The Phield and vote for The Transplanted Phan. Just email and mention The Transplanted Phan as the winner in the First Round in the Salisbury Region. Voting ends at 5 PM on Thursday.


Space: The Phinal Phrontier.

Courtesy of the great blog Tug Haines: Casual Fan, comes this photo from Google Earth:

Back on Earth…
Either way, it’s heaven.

Rule 21

Every time I would enter the main entrance of the clubhouse at the Carpenter Complex, I was greeted by these pinned-up pieces of paper. You couldn’t miss them. Go to any clubhouse and locker room in Major League Baseball, and you will find these same pieces of paper hanging up. 

This is the famous Rule 21; the same Rule 21 that Pete Rose violated, which earned him a lifetime banishment from the game of baseball. The rule? If you are a player or manager, there is to be no gambling interest of any sort on any game. 

(Oh, and do not assault umpires.)

The subject of Rose came up many times when speaking with the Legends, player representatives, and other Campers. Unanimously, across the board, all them thought he should be reinstated and rightfully inducted in to the Hall of Fame. There was no debating the subject for me. I was right with them…

The picture that I took above of Rule 21 got some attention recently. The photograph was featured on SNY (SportsNet New York)mightyflynnSB Nation, and Old Time Family Baseball.

Again, all of my photographs from my Camp experience, plus the night of the Orientation can be found here on my Flickr page. 

Crossing Broad


The great Philadelphia sports blog Crossing Broad, is now featuring a relatively shorter recap of my Phantasy Camp Diary (just as they did for my Orientation back in November). Thank you to Kyle for the opportunity to showcase the blog, and for this incredible tag line:
“If you read one thing on this site this week, make it Bryan’s account of his dream coming true. I dare you not to get a lump in your throat.”

Phantasy Camp Interview and Links

I’ve been back from Phantasy Camp for just over a week, and I feel like I haven’t left. The response to the blog has been incredible, and I thank each and every one of you for stopping by, reading, and taking the time to comment, send me an email, or pass it along to others.

Today (2/3) at 6:45 PM, listen live to the Phillies Talk podcast. I will be discussing the Camp with the folks at Fightin Phillies
Just this week, my blog was featured on the MLBlogs homepage, The 700 Level, and Big League Stew (Yahoo Sports MLB blog), as well as plugs via Twitter from Phillies Nation and Mike Meech of
Thanks again!

Thank you MLBlogs!

Big thank to MLBblogs for featuring my diary on their homepage!

1/10/11 – Other experiences…

When I first started my Phillies Phantasy Camp diary I was curious to see if anyone else in the web-o-sphere had done anything similar. It’s really slim pickings out there I tell you. I was kind of surprised that more people haven’t taken the time to share their time at Camp with the rest of the world… not only at Phillies Camp, but for all the other Major League teams.

I was contacted back in August by a former Camper who had stumbled upon my blog. He created his own blog, more for his friends and family, to keep them up to date on his trip halfway around the world. You see, he was from Australia. That’s a dedicated Phillies fan. Here is his blog from his experience back in 2007.

Public Affairs Director for the Phillies, Scott Palmer, has written a couple articles (here and here) detailing his experiences in Clearwater in the last couple years.

There’s Ballpark Bob who writes for the website He provides a very quick synopsis of his trip, including a brief video.

We have this nice video/photo compilation of a Camper Jason Frankel’s experience in 2008:

I’m curious to know if there are any other blogs, diaries, articles or videos swirling around that I missed? I’d love to hear more about other people’s experiences at Phillies Phantasy Camp!