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10/4/10 – Happy October

…aaaaand exhale.

Major League Baseball’s regular season came to an incredible end yesterday. It could have been even more dramatic depending on the outcome of two games in the National League, one of them being the Phillies versus the Atlanta Braves. The number of possible scenarios to determine the final playoff slots was just mind-blowing.  I think one of my softball teams was even involved somehow. In the end, many a travel secretary breathed a huge sigh of relief as the playoffs were set nice and neat.

So with that all settled, the Phillies, who ended up with the best record in the Majors, now face the Cincinnati Reds in the National League Division Series. I am really intrigued by this matchup. When I first started writing for in 2009, I covered the Reds for the first half of the season. A lot of people found them a bit of a surprise this year, taking the NL Central crown. I did not expect them to run away with the division, but I knew with their pool of very talented young players and ^cough^ Scott Rolen ^cough^, they were going to make it very interesting for the favorite St. Louis Cardinals.

These two franchises have some history together…

– Bill Giles, the Phillies chairman and part owner, started his life in baseball tagging along with his father, Warren Giles, who was a longtime executive for the Reds, and whose name now adorns the National League Championship Trophy.

– The Big Red Machine steamrolling the Phils in the 1976 Championship Series.

– In 1983, three members from The Big Red Machine (Pete Rose, Tony Perez and Joe Morgan) played together on the Phillies, leading them to a World Series appearance.

– In 1989, Paul O’Neill, after misplaying a line drive, kicked the ball perfectly to the cutoff man to prevent Steve Jeltz from scoring, pretty much summing up Jeltzy’s career in baseball.


I was fortunate to see the first game of the 1993 NLCS against the Braves at Veterans Stadium. If you all remember, that was one helluva game. So I decided I would take my perfect Game One record and get a ticket for the opening act of this season’s NLDS. Needless to say, I am extremely excited. As anyone who has ever attended a postseason baseball game knows, nothing beats the atmosphere of the playoffs. It’s otherworldly. It’s nothing short of a religious experience.

Through a co-worker, my dad was able to not only get tickets to the NLCS, but also the ’93 World Series.  I was so excited that I would be going to these games with him, but surprisingly, he did not attend either game with me. He insisted I bring one of my friends because he thought I would have more fun with them and they would appreciate it more. I begged him to go. I didn’t want anyone else with me for those games, especially since a Phillies postseason appearance was about a frequent as a Haley’s Comet flyby. He didn’t relent. I ended up going with two different friends and had a blast at both, even though they lost the World Series game we attended.

Still, I really missed him at those games. His only answer to my befuddlement about his voluntary absence was a simple, “I just don’t feel like going”. He worked hard every day, commuting in and out of Center City Philadelphia. I’m sure the LAST thing he wanted to do was drive back in to the city and deal with 62,000 people in the Vet parking lot on a weeknight. I can’t say I don’t blame him if that was the case.

I’m sure another reason was the fact that he was that kind of man… a man who immediately thought of himself last and only wanted me to have as much fun as possible.  As the years go by, I find myself to be more and more like my dad in that aspect. My wife frequently tells me how much I don’t “do anything for myself”. Well, like the Phantasy Camp, I’m doing something for myself, have fun and go to Game One on Wednesday. Unfortunately, she cannot go with me, but, if the planets align just right (i.e. H20 shuts the Reds down), we will be going to more playoffs games. So even though I’ll be flying solo on Wednesday, my dad has no choice but to go with me this time.