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1/14/11 – “Helloooo Philadelphiaaaa!”

Every little kid does it. Out in the yard, the street, the ball park, etc… the same scenario usually pops up: bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, down by three runs, Game 7 of the World Series, 3-2 count. It’s amazing how many times I was in the World Series in my back yard with my Phillies against the New York Yankees.  I think by my count, the Phillies have now surpassed the Yanks’ 27 championships.

Now I’m an adult. I don’t have these little fantasies when I’m playing ball. However, there is one aspect of baseball nowadays that gets me thinking like a kid again. Being a musician, I’m fascinated with the choices players make in terms of the music they want to be played over the PA when they walk to the plate, warm up on the mound, or come in from the bullpen. Here’s a list of what the 2010 Phillies preferred.Some players get very in to it, working with the stadium’s PA crew like they are about to DJ a hot set.  At least once a day I find myself saying as I’m walking around with my iPod, “That would make a great song to walk up to the batter’s box to”. The next thing you know, I’m imagining myself making a dramatic stroll up to the plate being accompanied by some killer track and screaming fans at a sold out Citizens Bank Park. (I have lowered my standards a bit to the exact scenario. I’m totally fine with it being during the regular season. I’m not going to get greedy). All I know is, they would probably hate me. For our wedding, I constructed an Excel spreadsheet detailing every aspect of the songs to be played for the DJ. He said he had never had a client do that before in all his years. Yes, I would be an absolute pain.

As I am in complete Phantasy Camp mode right now, I figured I would finally compile what songs I would love to walk up to the batter’s box to in my alternate perfect baseball world. Of course these would probably change as the season goes if I’m not “feeling” the song any more.

Sorry guys, you didn’t make the cut.

Johnny Cash – “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Rusty Cage”

Instant swagger. If Cash can’t get you pumped, you have to get your heart checked out. “Rusty Cage” is fantastic… a cover of a Soundgarden song, whom I could have put any of theirs on this list. Johnny’s version has two parts essentially and either of those could be cranked up on the PA.

Oasis  – “Lyla”

This song was made to be blasted at sporting events. The steady pounding 2/4 time, the always-huge guitar from Noel Gallagher, the anathematic chorus of “Hey Lyla”… it’s perfect arena rock.

Doves – “Pounding”

Another fantastic 2/4 pounder, just as the title implies.

Chemical Brothers – “Setting Sun”

Oasis shows up again in this one with Noel lending his vocal talents to this homage to The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows”. This one immediately gets our head bobbing.

Verve – “Bittersweet Symphony”

This one is all about the drama. Between the looped strings and the nice, big drum part, this one just instantly makes you feel invincible. Right Richard?

Nirvana –  “Serve The Servants”

Turn. It. Up.

Ghostface Killah – “Daytona 500”

I could have picked anything from the Wu-Tang Clan, but I’m going with this gem from the first solo record from Wu member Ghostface Killah.

Depeche Mode – “I Feel You”

The first electro-pop group to fill outdoors stadiums rode the early ’90’s Grunge/guitar-only wave and came out blazing with this monster. That riff could just go on and on and on…

Thelonious Monk – “Epistrophy”

This is definitely a first inning song, easing your way in to the game. Easily one of my favorite jazz tunes. That straight-ahead boogie stride rhythm put in to the hands of a genius pianist is to die for.

Tina Turner – “Nutbush City Limits”

Do I really need to explain?