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Rule 21

Every time I would enter the main entrance of the clubhouse at the Carpenter Complex, I was greeted by these pinned-up pieces of paper. You couldn’t miss them. Go to any clubhouse and locker room in Major League Baseball, and you will find these same pieces of paper hanging up. 

This is the famous Rule 21; the same Rule 21 that Pete Rose violated, which earned him a lifetime banishment from the game of baseball. The rule? If you are a player or manager, there is to be no gambling interest of any sort on any game. 

(Oh, and do not assault umpires.)

The subject of Rose came up many times when speaking with the Legends, player representatives, and other Campers. Unanimously, across the board, all them thought he should be reinstated and rightfully inducted in to the Hall of Fame. There was no debating the subject for me. I was right with them…

The picture that I took above of Rule 21 got some attention recently. The photograph was featured on SNY (SportsNet New York)mightyflynnSB Nation, and Old Time Family Baseball.

Again, all of my photographs from my Camp experience, plus the night of the Orientation can be found here on my Flickr page.