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John Kruk: Phantasy Legend. Phillies Legend.

It’s safe to say that one of the most entertaining Legends in Phillies Phantasy Camp this past January was the one and only, John Kruk.

This past weekend, Kruk got his due when he was officially given a rightful spot on the illustrious Phillies Wall of Fame.’s coverage of Saturday’s induction.’s photo gallery.

Larry Shenk’s memories on his Phillies Insider blog.


Thanks to my friend Tom, I now have an incredible collection of DVD containing his VHS-transferred Phillies “Home Companion” videos. Not only were these a fantastic flashbacks to a time when I started to really come in to my own as a Phillies fan, but also made me look at these players in a completely different light. Practically every single Phantasy Camp Legend made an appearance in these wonderful baseball time capsules.

Needless to say, the vast quantity and quality of classic Kruk moments were boundless. I tried my best and compiled some of my favorite moments. Here’s to you Krukker!

11/11/10 – Sammy

Word came today that the Phillies hired Wall-Of-Famer Juan Samuel as their new third-base coach and outfield instructor. Samuel was such an electric player as a member of those mid-to-late 80’s squads. I was so happy for him this past season when he briefly held the role as interim manager for the Baltimore Orioles. It was just so cool hearing the phrase “manager Juan Samuel”. So even though I am already thrilled to be meeting Juan, it will now be extra special because of his new role in the organization. Welcome back Sammy!

Photo Day 1989… dig Tom Jones to Sammy’s left.